My ONLY special interest is YOU.

I understand that the time has come to put our differences behind us. We need to remember what should matter most, the PEOPLE of WEST VIRGINIA. We love our state and our basic needs are simple – we want to work here and earn a decent living wage to provide for our families and keep our children from leaving WV.

Improving Education
I know times have changed - gone are the days when a young person can graduate from high school and find a living wage job. We need to change our culture and instill in our children the need for education and job skills to earn a living wage and succeed in today’s world.

I will fight to cut the education bureaucracy in Charleston and let our professional educators teach our children. We need to increase vocational education in our high schools to offer our children a solid base to learn a trade or start vocational school.
We need to assure our children come out of high school without the need for remedial classes to go on to college. I will work to stop cutting education funds and make sure we pay our teachers and school service personnel a wage to keep the in the education field to assure in-state college is affordable.

Protecting Healthcare
I am committed to keeping healthcare available and affordable in WV. I will work to fully fund PEIA and stand up to special interests trying to deny coverage on pre-existing conditions.

Ending Corruption
The corruption in Charleston must be stopped. We need transparency and additional oversight to assure our tax payer dollars are spent wisely, unlike the dollars spent to renovate the WV Supreme Court offices. We need people in government who care about our people and their future, not just lining their own pockets. I will work to make sure accountability matters and is made part of our government process.

Protecting Our Seniors
I am committed to our senior citizens, the people who worked hard their whole lives and supported our state. WV is one of
only 13 states that still taxes Social Security income. I will work to remove this tax burden on our seniors.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis
I understand that we are losing too many of our good people to the opioid crisis. We all know someone personally who has been impacted by this crisis. Marshall County has the 2nd highest number of infants in our state born addicted. Our babies deserve better and we must do more to fight back against opioids. I will back legislation to start strong prevention efforts in our schools that provide counseling (at school) to help children learn to cope with their lives before they also turn to drugs.

We need to provide support to family members who step up and raise the children of addicted parents. These heroes, many
elderly grandparents on fixed incomes, are penalized from receiving state assistance because they are related. They save
the state millions in foster care dollars. I will fight to make sure West Virginia does better for these struggling families.
I will work for funding to assure additional treatment beds are made available to help addicted residents obtain the treatment
they need to recover.

Defending Property Rights
I believe our private property rights are constitutionally protected. We West Virginians are very tied to our land and we should have the right to say no if we don’t want to sell our mineral rights. I will fight to reverse the co-tenancy legislation passed last year, which can force land owners to sell their minerals without even negotiating a fair price for what they
own. This is wrong and I am strongly opposed to forced-pooling and co-tenancy legislation.

Lisa Zukoff for WV
78 Lynn Dr
Moundsville, WV 26041

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Lisa Zukoff.
Jack Zukoff, Treasurer.